Robo Advising

Welcome to 2021! The Fintech Revolution is upon us! What does the term Fintech actually mean? Well, Fintech is a new industry that has emerged in the recent decade and is now ready to blossom into the center stage of all of our lives in a very big way.

The world has become more and more digitized by the day and that trend is unlikely to change course as new tech savvy millennials are becoming of age and beginning the process of becoming a very important economic component of the USA and global economy. Fintech is the new industry which is essentially merging anything that is financially related with technology. Fintech can come in many shapes and sizes but today I want to focus on an industry very dear to my heart, the role of the financial advisor.

Robo-advising is a financial technological product that is meant to replicate/replace the human financial advisor. The robo-advisor is typically an automated investment product that can provide a fully managed and customizable investment portfolio that is tailored to the specific customer after the customer answers a series of risk-based questions which helps determine which investment strategy is best for the customer.

The investment portfolio is typically constructed using a variety of very low-cost index ETFs and mutual funds. The management is typically an algorithm-based investment process as to how each portfolio will be invested while taking into account changes in the market indicators. Other functions that the typical financial advisor might also provide their clients with can also accommodate the investment strategy with additional perks like a personalized financial website that the customer can feed data in from all different financial institutions which are both assets and liabilities such as a brokerage account, employer-based 401k account or even the mortgage tied to your primary home. Another feature could be real time access to account performance data for easy monitoring and performance calculations at one’s fingertips. Or another could be cloud based vault or data storage facilities for important financial documents such as a trust, a will, birth certificates or any other document that is important can be digitally stored safely and securely in the cloud storage facility, which is then accessible on any device around the world.

Here at we offer all of these services and more!

  • Low-cost algorithm driven investment strategies
  • Personalized financial website that you can customize. Track your net-worth daily with real-time data at your fingertips, include any outside investment accounts like 401ks, IRAs, mortgages etc. though a safe, secure data aggregation process
  • Investment performance data is tracked and included!
  • Cloud-based safe, secure document vault system through Fidelity Investments for safe-keeping of any important documents.