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There’s a massive need for quality financial education & guidance in America. That’s why we created our very own ecosystem to incentivize you to be smarter about personal finance! From exclusive content access to even lower management rates, VDcoin will help Americans experience the benefits of a capitalistic society and build a solid foundation for future wealth growth!

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Currency of FMF365 designed for Americans with little to no investable assets:

  • Incentivizing personal finance education.

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  • Ethereum based utility token (ERC-20).

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A ticket to real-world benefits that will level up your personal finance game:

  • Reduced management fees.

  • 1-on1 Financial planning session with Dan Mason.

  • Access to exclusive content.

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Elevating Our Service with VDcoin

VDcoin is an ethereum-based utility token (ERC-20) for investors and everyday people to collect! It’s pretty much the currency of the FMF365 ecosystem that incentivizes better personal finance practices!

VDcoin can be shared peer-to-peer (no intermediators) via any Ethereum based wallet such as Meta-Mask or TrustWallet. They’re held in Virtual Dan’s Ethereum wallet under reserve status until distributed to individuals!

With the VDcoin, you can:

  • Trade them in for exclusive NFT’s from our collection that have their own real-world benefits.
  • Store them for potential future value. Holders of VDcoin will have investing options to earn more VDC!

The minted supply of VDcoin for circulation will provide ample room for growth and potential of future options to expand the usage and tradability. (1,000,000 of 10,000,000 total VDcoin have been minted!)

VDcoin can also be earned in auctions, giveaways, and many more to come! Start earning VDC today with any of these methods:

  1. Download the new FMF365 app (available on the App Store and Google Play) and send a screenshot to
  2. Fill out and submit our Monthly Budget Sheet to Virtual Dan for review.
  3. Subscribe to Virtual Dan’s Youtube account, watch 3 videos, and send screenshot evidence to
  4. Giveaways on social media. Follow me and stay updated on Twitter & Facebook.
  5. Use our online savings goals calculator and sign up for a free personal financial website.
  6. Sign up for our soon-to-come newsletter.
  7. More to come!

There is much evidence to support the fact that many Americans want/need financial education but are unable or know how to receive it. How do we address this?

By giving those who participate in the FMF ecosystem, which includes free-to-access personal finance education and guidance, a chance to earn and experience perks of VDC. From financial blogs & videos to wealth management tools, our content will help Americans take control of their financial future no matter their wealth status!

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