Hold and Grow Growth Investment Strategy

Long-term Winners to Keep!

About this Hold and Grow Growth Portfolio

Our financial advising firm will choose 28 of the best, large company stocks to help you achieve long-term growth. The portfolio will periodically change to reflect changes of every stock being held. Your money will be invested in an equal weighted strategy allowing you to grow your investments in the future.

Hold and Grow Growth Portfolio Requirement

Diversification is a key component for this investment strategy. This will ensure the 18 stocks will not be exposed to an industry at any given moment. Our financial advising firm will also focus on companies that will create value over the long-term through business growth.

Dividends and cash flow is of low importance to this investment strategy. The dividends that do flow through can be put in *DRIP Mode 365 or can be withdrawn as monthly income. *DRIP Mode 365 means I, Virtual Dan, will make sure that when your dividend gets paid – we will reinvest that dividend in the very same stock for additional shares! Our financial advising firm will buy companies with sufficient cash flow production to cover those dividend payments through proper analysis of their abilities to continue to pay the dividend payments.

For example, companies like Visa (V) with a 0.56% dividend payer could be a portion of the portfolio, while the objective is certainly growth sometimes companies will also pay dividends. In addition, this portfolio will consist of companies with market capitalization north of $10B.