Investing with Virtual Dan

Growing your wealth should be fun & easy! Not sure which option to pick? Our resources will help you discover which investment strategy best fits your risk profile.

A portfolio designed based on your “Risk Profile” score.

$5,000 min.

0.40% mgmt fee

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Three strategies: The Large Cap Growth Strategy, The Blue Chip Value Dividend Strategy, & The Dogs of the Dow Strategy

$50,000 min.

0.60% mgmt fee

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We ONLY consider high-quality, no-cost fixed annuities as a portion of your overall investment portfolio.

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Create a Free FMF365 Account To Get:

  • A Fidelity Investments Account (Brokerage, IRA Tax Deductible, Roth IRA Tax Free)
  • Professionally managed at an ultra-low cost of 40 bp
  • Your personal financial website (Performance tracking, all of your accounts in one place!)